Friday, June 30, 2006

Against the wall in Corporate America

So there's been a push to change our business... but still I see signs of this company slipping back into it's old familiar pattern of static bureaucracy and being paralzyed by top-down command structure.

  • They tried promoting innovation but did so without being really prepared to change the culture here that (grew steadily over time) prevents real innovation/innovative behavior from happening.
  • They did let go of the reigns and allowed some people to be a little creative, but in some areas it's freaking some of the people in the old school out. We can't use that... blogging, building connective networks, web 2.0, widgets... it's all too scary for us...DON'T MAKE US CHANGE!
Lately, I've been feeling that people here have acquiesced to that feeling that they are powerless to affect change. People continue to be afraid to be honest, and those who are are consistently ignored or their questions are diverted with the same old bullshit. I've been trying hard to ignore them.... all of them. On top of that people are freaked out about loosing their jobs. Me... yes, it would suck if I couldn't make an income, but then again... I've been thinking, planning and scheming to leave. It might be a good time to do so.

It's easy to let it get you down. I know... I struggle with it every day almost... and I'm no Miss Mary Sunshine believe me, but still... I want something better eventually.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why has conservatism made such a resurgence?
Because it can and because this is the best time to do so.

People have more than at any other time in our history access to large amounts of information. We can maintain continual daily personal contact via technological avenues with people from other parts of the world. Access to such a wealth of information will bring upon torrents of change. Conservatism doesn't want change (unless it's to promote it's preservation).